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The mime school “Mime Corporel Dramatique” - Atelier de Bellville in Paris is under the pedagogical direction of Ivan Bacciocchi, who is a member of the GLAM Committee (Groupe Liaison des Arts du Mime) of the French Ministry of Culture.
The school offers a large variety of cources for both professional and amateur artists:
- The Full-time Professional Training Course (Mime, Dance, Acrobatics, Creation and the repertoire of Etienne Decroux)
- Evening classes for professionals and amateurs
- Workshops for professionals and amateurs

The students of our school have very different cultural and artistic backgrounds, including dance, theatre , music and circus. Other disciplines such as puppetry, animation and graphic design draw on the fundamental techniques of mime.

All our courses can be financially assisted with grants. In France this would include for example: AFDAS (CIF, DIF, …) or AGECIF. Similar institutions exist in other European countries.

Stage "Les esthétiques du Mime"
De la Pantomime narative au Mime Moderne
November 21 and 22 2015
- Weekend Workshop

Beginners and Advanced | 10 hours | € 160,- pdf


Ecole Internationale de Mime Corporel Dramatique - Atelier de Belleville
International School for Corporeal Mime Paris
10ter, rue Bisson
F - 75020 Paris
phone +33 (0)951 55 08 16

How to find us - map

clip, presentation 2013

clip 2013

film about the school
»Ecole Internationale de Mime Corporel« 2009

film ecole

produced by
Anne- Sophie Levy-Chambon
ASLC productions "C'est le pied!" (This is the Foot)

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«The Mime in May» Festival
Paris 2010 - Ivan Bacciocchi

mime en mai, Ivan Baciocchi, Paris 2010
Photo : © Arnaud Tavares
de Almeida

Lifestyle Program

'I tested a course of mime'.
presented by Valentine Féau

france 2.fr  television,

From the lifestyle program «Emission Comment ça va bien ?» presented by Stéphane Bern

Television interview

Mime – The Art of Silence
Interview with Ivan Bacciocchi

logo evene.fr

Radio interview

Interview with Ivan Bacciocchi Hommage about Marcel Marceauau sujet du décès du Maître Marceau

logo euranet radio network

Red Cross

The Red Cross in collaborotion with
ALEAS TV and TERRE TV present five short films performed by Ivan Bacciocchi
(Classic White Mime)

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